CSR - Outside Organization

Social Responsibility

The company operates with care and attention to its stakeholders, the economy, society, and the environment. It conducts its business with morality, ethics and based on the principles of good corporate governance. They are the tools used to monitor the company's business to operate with honesty, transparency, and fairness with the awareness of negative impacts on the economy, society and environment by integrating the principles of the sufficiency economy into business operations. It renders the creation of success and happiness which has a positive effect on the sustainability of the business as follows:

Outside the Organization

The company cooperates with its trading partners and business partners to respond to society. As mentioned above, the company has focused on social responsibility with third parties which are:

1. Customers

The Company places importance on its products and services to most fit the needs of customers as follows:

1.1 It divides the sales teams to provide care and guidance to an individual group of customers by supporting them to acquire knowledge and understand the features of the products to create the highest satisfaction that will bring sustainable revenue growth to the company in the future.

1.2 It never stops research and development as well as the provision of innovative products to keep up with the changes in the lifestyle of its customers and global technology. It has set up the Gyproc Center to provide advice on products to meet the needs of the customers.

1.3 Gyproc Training Center also gives training to customers who are contractors to acquire the knowledge of product installation and to answer inquiries regarding product usage. The center opens training to customers and interested parties regularly.

1.4 Once its products have been installed, it also issues a warranty to customers for all its installation work.

1.5 It established a call center department to provide customer support in stock checks, customer credit, promotions, and coordination for delivery and vehicle tracking; so that customers can make precise planning for the goods conveniently.

1.6 It continues to build a good relationship with its customers. There are regular visits to customers and social gatherings to develop good relationships with different groups of customers. Architects and interior designers are invited to attend annual TIDA Night and Movie Night events for the company to return its profits to the customers.

As a result of the company's responsibility in selling products and paying attentive services to all customers, the customers have given the trust to the company and become its long-term customers. As such, the customer base has grown every year and purchases have increased. Not only has the company committed to its product quality, services and good relationship with its customers, but it also has continued to support the customers to grow along with the company by looking into purchase volume and past payment history to consider the increased credit limit to improve the liquidity of the customers' business. However, the company has placed a risk policy to protect it from default on the customers' credit by limiting the credit term to not more than 60 days and purchased additional credit default insurance.

2. Shareholders

The company has placed importance on the rights of shareholders, the equitable treatment of shareholders, consideration of the roles of stakeholders, information disclosure and transparency, and responsibilities of the board which is disclosed in the topic of corporate governance of the company.

The company has set a dividend payment policy at the rate of not less than 40 percent of the remaining net profit after deduction of all types of reserves to consistently distribute the profits to shareholders. As the company has always been responsive to shareholders, it is confident that it will receive the trust of shareholders in the long run.

3. Partners

The company has placed importance on good relationships with business partners no matter they are being companies or financial institutions. It realizes the honesty and adherence to payment and repayment due dates on both accounts payable and financial creditors respectively. Up till now, it has never missed any due dates which have earned the trust of the partners, banks and financial institutions resulting in getting more loans and increased credit limits. The banks and financial institutions also have reduced the interest rates which help the company to better manage financial costs.

The company is committed to growing with its partners whether small or large. Up to this time, it has always developed good trade relations with its business partners so they can grow hand in hand along with company.

4. Community and social responsibility

The company makes donations annually to the Beaumont Partnership Foundation to support the expenses of the Beaumont School in Chaiyaphum province and supported the construction of a teacher residence and school buildings by using the company's products. It believes that children today will be the future of the nation tomorrow. It, therefore, has provided caretaking and, especially, help to disadvantaged children in society.

For the surrounding communities next to the company’s facilities, the company provides care to disadvantaged children by donating funds and joining activities regularly with the children in the Mahamek Foster Home which is located near the company's facilities as well.

The company believes that it has considered all stakeholders, society, and the environment which will result in sustainable growth for the company.