Company Secretary

Appointment of Company Secretary

The Appointment of the company secretary is the discretion of the Board of Directors. In the selection of a person with suitable qualifications to perform the said duties, the Board of Directors meeting No. 3/2558, held on 21 July 2015, resolved to appoint Miss Pornsiri Kusolphuchong (formerly Pratsachon Kusolphuchong) to be the company secretary which has been effective from 21 June 2015 onwards until the present.

Qualifications of the Company Secretary

  1. Possesses the knowledge and understanding of the business of the company, including the roles related to the company secretarial work, namely the duties of the Board of Directors and the duties of company and the knowledge in relevant laws and regulations as well as regularly acquiring the knowledge and following up information to improve his or her work.
  2. Performs duties in accordance with the laws and the rules and regulations of the company with responsibility, caution, and honesty to support the company's operations to achieve its objectives under the principles of good corporate governance and business ethics.
  3. Upholds morality and ethics by taking into account all stakeholders and does not do anything that will damage the reputation and image of the company.
  4. Refrains to use the business opportunities of the company for personal advantage and keep company's information confidential.
  5. Has good interpersonal skill, the ability to liaise with various departments and units both inside and outside the company.

The Responsibilities of the Company Secretary are as follows

  1. Gives preliminary advice to the Board of Directors the various laws, rules, and regulations relevant to the company. They must acknowledge and follow to ensure compliance and consistency.
  2. Organizes shareholders' meetings and board meetings in accordance with the abiding laws, company's regulations, and various practices.
  3. Records the minutes of the shareholders' meetings and the board meetings including following up to ensure compliance with the resolutions of the shareholders' meetings and the Board of Directors meetings.
  4. Prepares and maintains the board registration record, the company's annual report, invitation letter for the shareholders' meeting, invitation letter for the Board of Directors meeting and meeting minutes.
  5. Keeps and secures the interest reports and the letters of independence submitted by the board members and the executives and send a copy of the said report to the chairperson of the board and the chairperson of the audit committee within seven days from the date the company has received the report.
  6. Contacts and communicates with the general shareholders to allow them to acknowledge their rights and receive the company's news.
  7. Supports the activities of the Board of Directors.
  8. Acts as the contact person responsible for disclosing accurate information and convey information in accordance with the laws of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  9. Performs other activities as indicated by the Capital Market Supervisory Board.