CSR - Inside Organization

Social Responsibility

The company operates with care and attention to its stakeholders, the economy, society, and the environment. It conducts its business with morality, ethics and based on the principles of good corporate governance. They are the tools used to monitor the company's business to operate with honesty, transparency, and fairness with the awareness of negative impacts on the economy, society and environment by integrating the principles of the sufficiency economy into business operations. It renders the creation of success and happiness which has a positive effect on the sustainability of the business as follows:

Within the Organization

1. The company manages its human resources with responsibilities

1.1 It places importance on learning and training for knowledge development and capabilities of employees at all levels both in specific skills for the job and management skills for employees to grow and be good managers in the organization in the future.

1.2 It provides transparent information to employees. There are staff meetings to announce policies, directions, and numeric and non-numeric goals to be acknowledged and understood by the staff to operate with the same direction.

1.3 It encourages employees in the organization to balance their work and personal lives by developing an efficient management system using technology in every department to help them to work rapidly, more efficiently and more effectively. The result is less time spent on working, no need to work overtime, and more time spent with family and more relaxation time after work.

2. Health and safety at work

2.1 The company is concerned with safety because its office is located near the warehouse. Inventory is organized in an orderly fashion so it can be conveniently picked up and moved. Besides, it is also aware of safety and occupational health, as such it provides training on situation readiness for employees in the event of a fire to reduce the loss of life and property.

2.2 It also considers employee health to be an important concern. An annual health examination is provided in which doctors give health care advice at the company's and its subsidiaries' offices to ensure that all company employees are in good health and fit to work.

3. Environmental management

3.1 The production of the company's products comprises two main production processes. Steel bars are fed through the process of rolling and forming to be used as wall and ceiling frames. In the other production process, aluminum bars are cut into doors and windows. The company uses modern machinery and the waste materials from productions can be recycled and reused. It can be said that its production processes do not pollute the environment. Combined with the factory located in an industrial estate which is the purple area not connected to any residential communities, its productions do not post any negative effects to the communities surrounding the factory.

3.2 The company pays attention to pollution, the environment, and fuel used. Because it provides goods transportation to customers, as such it regularly inspects the conditions of transport vehicles to lessen the environmental impact. There are six corporate values in its corporate governance and operational transparency: teamwork, customer service commitment, quality focus, creativity, continuous development, and adherence to integrity. This message is conveyed to all employees and the values are upheld in all its operations. The company operates in an orderly fashion with transparency and auditability.